Zodiac Aries bracelet

 110,00 (829,00 kn)

“Boldly and decisively I reach my goals, and in every moment I find inner peace.”

This bracelet will bring Aries strength and determination to implement the act, but also help him to keep patience and achieve inner peace and harmony that it is important for balance.



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated precious stones: amethyst (6mm), Carnelian (6 mm), faceted red jasper (6mm).

Ametyhst  – This stone, which is connected to the planet Saturn, gives enormous strength, encourages virtue, determination, persistence. It gives protection in conflicting situations and protects from negativities. It reduces fears and worries, gives positive attitude and improves concentration. It symbolizes honesty, spiritual strength, sharp mind. It is considered that it releases us from karma’s debts, helps to control unwanted energy and develop coolness.

Carnelian – This stone has a powerful energy. It encourages bravery, gives inner strength, and helps us get rid of the fears. This amazing stone helps us have faith in ourselves and our possibilities, express ourselves creatively and emotionally, be what we are and discover our talents. This is a grounding stone that enhances focus and concentration.

Jasper – Jasper is superb for healing and sustaining the physical and emotional bodies during injury, prolonged illness or hospitalization. Its Earth energies bring gradual strength and renewed vitality, while helping one to understand and endure these frustrating or painful experiences.



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