Tassel for Good Luck Lavender kids bracelet

 115,00 (866,00 kn)

Lavender is a symbol of happiness and relaxation, and the amethyst and the moonstone which are placed on the bracelet bring these characteristics out. This bracelet will help your young ones to cope with daily challenges, will remove the fears and negativity. Amethyst helps in learning and improves concentration.



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (5-7mm), elastin, natural untreated precious stones: amethyst (6 mm), moonstone (5 mm), 100% natural silk.

Amethyst – The stone of inner knowledge, connected with the planet Moon. It gives stability, peace, balance, consciousness, inner strength and courage to a person wearing it. It has a positive effect on all kinds of psychic diseases, brings peaceful dreams and happiness. Amethyst helps in treating addictions (like alcoholism) diminishes violent behaviour patterns.

Moonstone –  Due to the fact it is full of female energy, it is recommended for ‘macho’ men to wear it in order to balance their male and female side, to become gentler. It is also good for women who are rough, to bring them female energy. Dissatisfied and unbalanced people should wear this crystal. It brings happiness into life, especially in the love area. It is called the stone of new beginnings, it calms down the emotions, brings hope. It has a good effect on digestion, maintaining healthy body weight; it regulates problems caused by retaining water in the organism


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