Which gemstone best suits my horoscope sign?

It is well-known that there is a classification of crystals according to horoscope. Because of its specific characteristics, each horoscope sign has crystals which help a person to gain life balance. Here is the list of crystals that are ideal for each horoscope sign along with the characteristics of each sign.

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Bracelet “Amethyst + Silver” ideal for people born in the horoscope sign Aries because it brings them patience and mind serenity

Amethyste – many Aries people have problems with patience and show their disappointment when things do not go according to their plans… Amethyst is ideal for decreasing these characteristics because it brings inner peace, patience, stability and balance.

Yaspis – the Aries people are brave, they like to make plans and see those plans realized. Yaspis help them focus and achieve their goals, it gives them fearlessness, but it also calms them down and helps them deal with stressful situations.

Carnelian – some Aries people have enormous fear of failure, they are full of doubt, so carnelian gives them energy, strength, and courage to get rid of the fears. This amazing mineral helps you believe in yourself, express yourself creatively and emotionally, be yourself and find what you are good at.



‘Love’ bracelet a good choice for the Taurus people, to make them gentler, more sensual and compassionate.

Aventurine – this crystal brings serenity and patience to the Taurus people. It encourages them to be more imaginative, to get away from material things. (The Taurus people are often materialists.)

Rose quartz – because of their stubbornness, possessive behaviour and fighting mood, rose quartz is the stone that every Taurus should wear to remind them on kindness, love and understanding. Rose quartz is Venus’s crystal, and Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Rose quartz will help the Taurus people to forget about the past and move on.

Rhodonite – the Taurus people are often not good at forgiving others, so the amazing rhodonite will help them to forgive others more easily, learn what the unconditional love is, learn how to give and expect nothing in return. Rhodonite is also good because it calms people down and reduces conflicts. It purifies the heart, eliminates all bad emotions and emotional scars from the past.



“Little chakras – Energize yourself” bracelet it will amaze every Gemini with its playfulness.

Tourmaline –The Gemini people have a lot of ideas, they sometimes do not know how to prioritize them, and can seem a bit lost. Tourmaline is excellent because it brings mental clarity, balances left and right brain hemisphere, gives mental energy, improves memory and transforms negative emotions into positive ones. The Gemini people often do not understand themselves, and this stone helps them understand themselves and others, reduces fears and makes them look deep into themselves.

Citrine – this stone brings good mood, boosts the energy level and it gives freshness that Gemini need. Citrine clears the mind, helps to make decisions and find solutions. It is famous as a stone of success because it attracts material wealth, progress and success in every field, which is great for the Gemini because they like to express themselves in different fields. ;)

Yellow calcite – Yellow calcite will help people who are full of ideas see and use all the good opportunities. It is a stone of intellect; it brings organizational skills, better concentration and memory. Yellow calcite is good for a Gemini who is always on the move, because it gives vitality, protects health and brings a lot of energy.


‘For protection’ bracelet is recommended to the people born under this sign to protect them from all the negativities they are exposed to.

Moonstone – it helps to express the positive Cancer characteristics – sensibility, intuition, compassion, and it brings emotional stability that Cancers need. Cancers are hypersensitive, and moon stone helps them deal with those kinds of situations, and to calm down their emotions.

Snowflake obsidian – Cancers are overly sensitive, emotional and sensible. That sometimes makes them unstable, because they cannot deal with emotions and negative energies around them, and it really ‘gets them.’ Snowflake obsidian is a protective stone which protects us and our aura from negativities.

Carnelian – many Cancers are indecisive, have problems with making decisions, easily give up and sometimes do not have strength to face life. Carnelian helps in these situations a lot, because it encourages, gives inner strength, helps to get rid of fears. This stone improves focus and concentration. It is a motivating stone that brings joy and passion into your life.


‘Black Tara’ bracelet Leos will like this bracelet because it expresses dominance and power they aspire to

Onyx – it was a symbol of courage in the ancient times; therefore, it will attract many Leos who have that characteristic – courage. Leos like to express their dominance, power, strength, and they will achieve that with onyx – it looks gracious, powerful, strong and rich.

Citrine – is a stone of the Sun which brings powerful solar energy that equals Leo’s energy (because the ruler of this sign is the Sun). Citrine is good for Leos because it calms them down, relaxes them, and most importantly, it brings them success and material wealth they aspire to.

Prehnite – Leos have a great heart and a very developed heart centre, so when someone does not love them back or does not respond to their feelings, they hurt a lot and remember it for a long time. Prehnite protects the ‘lion’ heart from getting hurt, helps Leos to find the truth in life and experience unconditional love.


‘Body & Soul balance’ bracelet it is recommended for Virgos in order to keep their physical and mental Health

Carnelian – is a stone that makes us more active, it brings enormous strength that a Virgo needs. It reduces their fears and the need to be critical. Virgos often seem as cold people, so carnelian will help them to ‘warm up’ their heart and give them warmth, joy and love. Besides that, carnelian will remind them on their inner strength and encourage them to fulfill their plans.

Jade – because of the constant movement, criticism and desire for perfection, Virgos often have problems with the nervous system, and they fear of becoming sick. Jadeite brings them peace, calms their nervous system, strengthens the body and protects them from mental and physical diseases.

Amethyst – in their quest for perfection, Virgos often suffer from insomnia, inner restlessness and other difficulties connected with the nervous system. Amethyst brings inner peace, takes away your worries and reduces stress…It is important for Virgos to discover their spiritual side because it is only then that they will achieve peace and satisfaction, and amethyst is an excellent associate on the spiritual path.



‘Little chakras – the Power of White Quartz’ it is ideal for Libras because it brings them highly needed balance

Aventurine – good mood is extremely important to sociable and friendly Virgos, aventurine brings joy to life, helps to easily make decisions with successful results. Also, it gives creativity, enthusiasm, strength and balance that Virgos need.

White quartz – Virgos strive to peace, harmony and balance, and white quartz will help them achieve that. This crystal balances left and right brain’s hemisphere, decreases confusion and brings clarity of thoughts and actions.

Obsidian – indecisiveness is the greatest obstacle to people born under this sign, and black obsidian helps them to keep the clear image of their goals, and act bravely and determinately to realize them. Virgos are very sociable and sensible, they have to keep away from negative energies, and black obsidian will protect them from the surrounding negativities.


‘Tree of life’ bracelet made of unakite, it is a perfect crystal for a Scorpio because it helps to forget the past and move on

Unakite – when hurt, a Scorpio becomes vindictive, and does not let go the past. Unakite brings emotional balance, helps to let go the past that has been holding back the progress. Mysterious Scorpios rarely express their emotions (but, because they are the sign of Water, they are very emotional), which holds them back in life, and unakite helps them expressing suppressed emotions.

Onyx – onyx will help you express your enormous strength, energy and inner knowledge. This stone offers protection in conflicting situations and it also protects from negativity. It eases your worries and fears; it gives you a positive attitude and improves concentration. It symbolizes honesty, spiritual strength and sharp mind.

Rosequartz – Scorpios do not like to express their emotions, but ‘underneath’ they are very emotional (because their element is Water). They seem cold, mysterious and suspicious people who are intolerant. Rose quartz is great for Scorpios because it gives them kindness, warmth, tolerance; it helps them express emotions easier; it activates the heart center and relieves tensions that Scorpios are exposed to.


‘Communication & Creativity’ bracelet it is made of sodalite, it suits the Sagittarius people because communication skills are very important in their life

Sodalite – communication is very important for a Sagittarius who likes to be in the company of other people, express ideas, present…They are often impatient and in the mood for fight, and sodalite will diminish those characteristics because it soothes an overactive mind and brings peace; it also has an effect on throat chakra – it makes communication easier. The Sagittarius people are often athletically built; this stone brings them vitality and boosts their energy.

Howlite – the Sagittarius are famous for their fierceness, they often say things before they think them through, and howlite brings calmness, eases tensions and gives tactfulness in dealing with people. Because they are always on the move, full of ideas and plans, they are often exhausted. Howlite will help them because it gives energy, strength and courage.

Amethyst – a curious Sagittarius has an open mind, constantly searches for the sense of life, strives to spirituality. Amethyst is a very soothing stone (which is very important for the Sagittarius people because they are impatient and have problems with nerves), that is a stone of inner knowledge that helps to bring consciousness to a higher level.


‘Life passion’ bracelet it is recommended for people born under this sign because it contains smoke quartz – a crystal that gives focus and calmness that a Capricorn needs

Moonstone – Capricorns consider that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, so they will always keep their feelings for themselves and pretend everything is all right, while they will be suffering inside. Moon stone helps them express their emotions easier, so they do not progress into frustrations, depression and other psychophysical disorders.

Snowflake obsidian – many people born under this sign have a fear of failure and doubt their abilities. This crystal brings calmness, helps realizing that a failure is just another life lesson you should learn from. It helps against destructive thoughts, gives strength to Capricorns when they want to give up on their ideas, and it protects from negativity. It helps to stay focused and calm in chaotic situations, and focus is exactly what Capricorns aspire to in their life.

Smoky quartz – desire for material status and ambition often lead Capricorns to obsession, uncertainty…Smoke quartz neutralizes the fear of failure and boosts self-confidence. Its positive vibrations bring comfort, good mood, happiness; they help to get rid of negative thoughts, fears and depression. It is considered to be the best stone for stress – it helps going through stressful periods easier, it gives strength and determination.


‘Regeneration’ bracelet ideal for channeling the energy of the Aquarius people

Yaspis – the Aquarius people have a constant need to be different, express themselves, and try new things that disperses their energy, so they fail in realizing their actions. Yaspis gives them mental clarity helps them to focus on important things in life and become true to themselves. The Aquarius are dreamers, they have a lot of plans that do not come through, and Yaspis will help them change that.

Obsidian (Apache Tears) – an Aquarius changes mood every half an hour, so it is not easy to know how they feel, and it is probably hard for them to deal with their emotions, goals… Obsidian helps to balance emotions, free themselves from negative emotions. It gives self-control that the Aquarius people lack and it discovers their hidden talents.

Tourmaline – this crystal comes in a range of colours and it is ideal for the Aquarius because it gives creativity, playfulness, enthusiasm, and qualities that the Aquarius people lack – it boosts self-confidence, helps to understand yourself and others, reduces fears and makes you look deep into yourself. It opens the path to spirituality that the Aquarius people need to achieve life balance and inner peace.


‘Little chakras’ bracelet an excellent choice for the Pisces people because it contains crystals ideal for this sign

Amethyst – this crystal will enhance positive characteristics and talents of people born under this sign – intuition, creativity, sensibility, concentration… Pisces are prone to addictions because they like escaping the reality, and amethyst is great in the fight against all kinds of addictions. Due to the fact that Pisces are sensitive, they often have problems with sleeping, and amethyst brings peaceful dreams.

White quartz – sensitive Pisces easily get sick, they have poor immunity… White quartz is considered to be the most powerful healing crystal, it brings great amount of vital energy that Pisces need.

Carnelian – Pisces often like to escape from reality and problems because it is easier for them to wander off into the imaginary world than to face their problems. Carnelian gives them courage, life energy and makes them active. This beautiful stone makes you have faith in yourself and your abilities, express yourself creatively and emotionally, be yourself and discover your talents. It gives life passion to Pisces which they lack.

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