This is a crystal all you need in life right now

Would you like to wear a crystal that awakes your positive emotions? Do you need more love in your life? At the very start of the Spring, why shouldn’t you enjoy  in every moment and feel the beauty that surrounds you?

Rosequartz crystal is made for you!

These are the three main reasons why you will want to wear it as a part of your accessories.

1) Rosequartz crystal is a love crystal and one of the strongest crystals known which can activate your heart chakra. It opens your heart for all
kinds of love – love for your partner, parents and neighbors and most importantly – yourself. His powerful vibrations will attract the most beautiful energy into your life – the energy of love.

2) Stone vitality and beauty – once upon a time many women had an idea if you put that crystal under the pillow it will wake up your inner beauty and impart vitality. Rosequartz helps with self-confidence, self-love and moreover, science has proven that it has great power in the weight loss process.

3) Heals our emotions.  Are you in feeling emotionally unstable right now? Are you experiencing constant mood swings and have the feeling that emotions run your life? Vibration of the gentle Rosequartz helps us achieve balanc in life.


Find you favorite piece of ZASU jewelry with Rosequartz right now!

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