The stone without boundaries and limitations

Do you want to wear the stone that is a powerful patron and it transforms  negative emotions into positive ones?

Meet obsidian, a powerful crystal (stone) in black color that has emerged from the molten lava. He possesses enormous strength, helps us to recognize the truth in life. The wearer brings insight into his personality, shows our strengths and weaknesses, forces us to grow and gives us support in development. It has the ability to protect us from the negative effects of the environment, and to transform the negative into a positive. If we are stressed, tense, obsidian help us as well. It is thought that obsidian should be kept by the bed because it will take the tension out of the body, and has a soothing effect. His great – black surface acts like a mirror, and that has an impact on the person who’s wearing it. It acts as a mirror in which we see a reflection of yourself and all your weaknesses on which we to work.



Bracelet My Angel “Archangel Uriel” with black obsidian, smoky quartz and gold; will help you remove obstacles in the way of your goals and business success

Legend has it that Apache Indians were ambushed by enemies, they bravely fought, but they were outnumbered and cornered by the enemy on the top of the cliffs.  Unarmed, they decided to boldly jump off a cliff to death. Women Apaches were very grieving bitterly and wept over theit dead bodies, and when the tears fell on the ground turned into beautiful stones – black obsidian or as it is also called Tears of Apache. Therefore it is said that one who wears this stone will never cry and feel sad because Apache women cried enough tears for all of us. It helps us to balance emotions, free from negative emotions and easier to forgive others.

Wearing ZASU jewelry with black obsidian will help to focus minds, scattered thoughts that are not loving, and will provide a kind of protection from negative energies from the environment.

The bracelet with that powerful stones  can be found here.


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