ZODIAC Aquarius bracelet

 110,00 (829,00 kn)

“I’m focused only on the important things in life. My thoughts, energies and emotions are balanced.”

This bracelet will Aquarius, which has a lot of ideas, plans, help to maintain focus and achieve them. It will help Aquarius to cope with emotions and reduce the constant mood swings.



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated gemstones: obsidian Apache tears (8mm), black tourmaline (8mm), picture jasper (6 and 8 mm).

Jasper – Jasper is superb for healing and sustaining the physical and emotional bodies during injury, prolonged illness or hospitalization. Its Earth energies bring gradual strength and renewed vitality, while helping one to understand and endure these frustrating or painful experiences.

Tourmaline – Its name signifies mixed stones because it is available in different colours – pink, green, black, brown, blue… According to an Egyptian legend, tourmaline went through a rainbow on its long journey from the centre of the Earth and that is the cause of its wide colour range. This stone brings strength and self-esteem, it helps you understand yourself and others, and it minimizes fear and makes you look deep into yourself. It opens a way to your spirituality. It decreases sadness and anxiety, so the people who have lost their loved ones can wear this stone to help them deal with it. It is a powerful stone; it balances the right and the left brain hemisphere, gives mental energy, improves memory and transforms negative emotions into positive.

Obsidian – It is one of the most appreciated kinds of obsidians. The legend says that Apache Indians were ambushed by enemies one day, they fought bravely, but they were outnumbered and pushed to the edge of a cliff. Unable to fight without weapons, they decided to jump into the death. The Apache women were so sad that they cried heavily over their dead bodies. When the tears fell down they turned into beautiful stones – black obsidian or Apache tears.


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