Zodiac Gemini bracelet

 150,00 (1.130,00 kn)

“I work less, and accomplish more. I recognize the good things in my life, I’m focused, and stable.”

This bracelet will give Gemini stability in order to maintain focus as the key to achieving health and success to people under this sign. It will help them to understand their needs, and bring life progress.



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated gemstones: yellow calcite (6 mm), faceted citrine, tourmaline (6 and 8 mm).

Yellow Calcite –  This stone brings back the faith in yourself, it helps you see good opportunities and seize them. It is the stone of intellect which brings you organizational abilities, better concentration and memory. It boosts your energy, removes depression, clears the mind and emotions, and frees you from negative thoughts. It attracts prosperity and positive aspects in your life; it is the stone of happiness.

Citrine – It is a very powerful crystal connected with the Sun. In Rome it was worn as a stone that protects from negativity, in the middle Ages it was worshipped as the stone of the Sun that gives the eternal life. It absorbs, spreads and grounds negative energy, which is why it is great for protection from negativity; it is one of the rare crystals that does not require cleaning. It is a powerful body cleaner and it helps us regenerate from diseases fast.

Tourmaline – Its name signifies mixed stones because it is available in different colours – pink, green, black, brown, blue… According to an Egyptian legend, tourmaline went through a rainbow on its long journey from the centre of the Earth and that is the cause of its wide colour range. This stone brings strength and self-esteem, it helps you understand yourself and others, and it minimizes fear and makes you look deep into yourself. It opens a way to your spirituality.



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