My Vibe Is Love Bracelet

 190,00 (1.432,00 kn)

Love + Beauty + Positivity

My heart is filled with love. Energy of love comes into my life every day. I spread love everywhere I go, everyone who’s close becomes happy and fulfilled. Carry this bracelet to raise the vibration of love and as a reminder that you are at all times receiving and receiving unconditional love. The energy of a gentle rosenquartz and cherry quartz will activate and attract love, prepare for the magic of love in everyday life!



Composition: elastine, natural untreated semi-precious stones: faceted rosenquartz (8mm), faceted cherry quartz (6mm), beads gilt 14k.

Crystal & Maintenance

Cherry quartz – an excellent stone for the heart chakra. Heals emotional wounds, helps us to get rid of tensions, depression, and bad thoughts. Its  vibrations widen the energy of love, helping us to recognize and express the emotion of love more easily. It is a stone link and focus, strengthens love relationships and helps us focus so it is considered a great crystal for people to learn. Improves communication between people, removes barriers and unclear thoughts.

Rosenquartz – The rock of love, tenderness, beauty and emotional stability, is connected to the planet Venus. From ancient times women wore it on jewelry and put it under the pillow because it gives beauty and a youthful look. It works great on the veins, gives fertility, vitality, refreshes the feeling of beauty and is excellent for weight loss. The powerful vibrations of the rosenquartz help in solving problems at all levels of love – love for oneself, partners, children … It has a great effect on the heart on a psychophysical level, it prevents the heart attack from developing, regulates the pressure, while psychically removes negative emotions such as anger, Jealousy, anger, and bitterness. It works most on the heart chakra.

Cleaning & Energizing: rinse the bracelet for a few minutes under the water, leave it in the sun for 2-3 hours to fill it with solar energy. When you are relaxed, take your bracelet in your arms and repeat your affirmation several times (for example, this bracelet gives me a positive energy every day).


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