My Vibe is Harmony Bracelet

 190,00 (1.432,00 kn)

Serenity + Motivation + Spirituality

In silence lies power and strength. I know my breath, my body, I enjoy inner peace and create harmony. Harmony creates success.

Allow yourself to stop the moment every day, stay here and now. Relax. Balance is the key to have success in all fields of life. Amethyst, motivating stone removes tension and stress, reduces negative energy from your environment, and helps you relax and experience spiritual growth. Vibrations of gray quartz will bring harmony to your life. Carry this bracelet as a reminder that your vibration is harmony, spreading harmony wherever you are.



Composition: elastane, natural untreated semiprecious stones: faceted amethyst (8mm), faceted gray quartz (6mm), beads gilt 14k.

Crystal & Maintenance

Amethyst – The stone of inner knowledge, connected with the planet Moon. It gives stability, peace, balance, consciousness, inner strength and courage to a person wearing it. It has a positive effect on all kinds of psychic diseases, brings peaceful dreams and happiness. Amethyst helps in treating addictions (like alcoholism) diminishes violent behaviour patterns.

Gray quartz – Known as the stone of truth because it helps a man to know the truth about himself to be honest about others, keeps him from lies and evil forces. It relieves discomfort, brings peaceful dreams. It is a very balancing crystal that grounds us and helps us make good decisions in life.

Cleaning & Energizing: Rinse the bracelet for a few minutes under the jet of water, leave it overnight in the moon to fill the moon energy. When you are relaxed, take your bracelet in your arms and repeat your affirmation several times (for example, this bracelet gives me a positive energy every day).


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