My Vibe is a Success Bracelet

 190,00 (1.432,00 kn)

Wealth + Manifesto + Power Will

I believe in myself. I’m destined to achieve great success in my life.What we think of ourselves, we become. It is time for your vibration to become a success! Carry this bracelet to change your patterns of thinking, motivate and program to gain success in all fields. Green crystals attract fortune, remove obstacles and fears so you can accept all the great things that come into your life.



Composition: elastin, natural untreated semi-precious stones: faceted green ahat (8mm), faceted aventurine (6mm), beads gilt 14k.

Crystal & Maintenance

Green agate – a very ground-breaking stone that brings balance and emotional stability. Balancing yin and yang energy into us, thus bringing harmony and inner peace. Be in your strength and courage, it removes the fears we have in ourselves for many years. It is a great crystal to deepen meditation because its vibrations create a meditative atmosphere in the environment and the person who wears it. Removes negativity – Negative patterns of thinking and thought bring you the energy of love.

Aventurine – Increases joy, creativity, brings mental clarity, helps us to become original and independent, enhances the quality of leadership, gives inner strength and removes fears. Aventurine removes the blockages and traumas we experienced in early childhood. It is a stone of prosperity because it attracts money and wealth in all areas of life. It works most on the heart chakra.

Cleaning & Energizing: rinse the bracelet for a few minutes under the jet of water, leave it in the sun for 2-3 hours to fill it with solar energy. When you are relaxed, take the bracelet in your arms and repeat your affirmation several times (for example, this bracelet gives me a positive energy every day).


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