I Want … Patience bracelet

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I want … PATIENCE because good things happen to those who know how to wait. Patience is a quality that should be developed by children because they develop their talents and enable them later in life, they progress and achieve the desired results because they know patient access issues. This bracelet calms, improves concentration, gaining confidence, restoring faith in yourself and improves intellectual and communication skills.


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Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (5-7mm), elastin, natural untreated gemstones: dumortierit (6 and 8 mm), Angelito (6 mm).

Dumortierit –  Dumortierite is the stone that teaches us to always stand up for ourselves. It stimulates the brain functions, it is good for pineal gland, improves intellectual abilities and communication skills. In case you want to improve your psychic abilities, this crystal is ideal for you. It soothes emotions, teaches us to be patient, it has the greatest effect on the throat chakra and the crown chakra. It has a positive effect on psychic difficulties, it reduces stress, diminishes headaches, migrenes and digestive problems. It is good to have this stone on you before falling asleep because it calms you down, reduces tiredness and brings deep sleep.

Angelite – It is an amazing, gentle, soothing stone that got its name because it connects us with angels, it gives us a better perception, it is excellent for people who practice meditation because it makes their experience more profound. It raises our consciousness to a higher level. It is ideal for timid and fearful people because it removes all blockages in that area.


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