Feel the Love Bracelet

 170,00 (1.281,00 kn)

Love + Harmony + Joy

Love is the best vibration! Open your heart and let this powerful vibration fill your body, mind and life and start spreading it further. At the moment we give positive energy to others, they will return to our lives to a greater extent. Two beautiful crystals – green aventurine and cherry quartz will help you maintain existing love relationships, attract new love to life, develop love for yourself. Love brings harmony and joy, feels it and goes further.



Composition: elastane, natural untreated semi-precious stones: faceted cherry quartz (6mm), faceted aventurine (6mm), 14k gold gilt pendant.

Crystal & Maintenance

Aventurine – Increases joy, creativity, brings mental clarity, helps us to become original and independent, enhances the quality of leadership, gives inner strength and removes fears. Aventurine removes the blockages and traumas we experienced in early childhood. It is a stone of prosperity because it attracts money and wealth in all areas of life. It works most on the heart chakra.

Cherry quartz – an excellent stone for the heart chakra. Heals emotional wounds, helps us to get rid of tensions, depression, and bad thoughts. His vibrations widen the energy of love, helping us to recognize and express the emotion of love more easily. It is a stone link and focus, strengthens love relationships and helps us focus so it is considered a great crystal for people to learn. Improves communication between people, removes barriers and unclear thoughts.

Cleaning & Energizing: Put the bracelet for a few minutes under water, leave it in the sun for 2-3 hours to fill with solar energy. When you are relaxed / take the bracelet in your arms and repeat your affirmation several times (eg This bracelet gives me positive energy every day).



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