Expression bracelet

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Each of us is a work of art, with hidden wonderful talents. Express yourself, your emotions, talents, creativity. Chrysocolla is a stone of expression and communications that will help you say what you think, to show your feelings, sharing your thoughts. This summer choose freedom and express yourself!



Sastav: elastin, netretirano poludrago kamenje: lava (8 mm), perle .925 srebro.

Lava –  It carries the powerful fire energy because lava is a stone made from melted, fiery lava. It is ideal for people who lack the fire element – timid, indecisive, weak people should wear this stone because it increases passion, enthusiasm, active energy and strength. Besides the fire energy, it also has the energy of earth, so it is good for balancing emotions and becoming more practical. It strongly protects from negativity, it helps us focus easier. Lava is the stone of fertility; infertile women and women with low libido should wear it. It is good if you want to achieve success in your career. It gives physical and mental strength and helps eliminating toxins from the organism. It has the greatest effect on the first chakra.

Pearl – Pearls are amulets that bring happiness into life. They give us an insight into ourselves, in the way how others see us, but they also help us see the truth in our life, intentions of people around us, and they protect us from fake friendship.


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