Chakras – the Wheel of Energy bracelet

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Chakras are wheels of energy in us. This bracelet activates chakras, brings them in balance giving you many benefits: life harmony, body and spirit’s health, energy, enthusiasm, joy… Each crystal (colour) affects a specific chakra, activates it and balances them all.



Comsposition –  untreatied Rudraksha beans elastyne – untreated semi precious gemstones.  orange aventurine (6mm), yellow calcite (6mm), rose quartz (6mm), amazonite (6mm), amethyst (6mm), quartz (6mm).

Amazonite – A green crystal, connected with the planet Venus. This crystal increases thoughts, improves creativity, intellect, psychic capabilities and intuition. It purifies all the meridians in our body, brings self-confidence, reduces stress and has a positive effect on our brain and nervous system. It increases masculine qualities in a person, enables better energy flow in our body, brings peaceful dreams, and it is good for teeth. It has the greatest effect on the sixth chakra.

Rose Quartz  -It is a stone of love, gentleness, beauty and emotional stability; it is connected with the planet Venus. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, blood flow, heart, it eliminates tensions and fears. Women wore this stone from the ancient times on their jewellery and put it under their pillows to bring them beauty and youth.

Aventurine  – It is available in green, blue and peach colour. It works great on rheumatic diseases, improves the blood flow, circulation, prevents heart attacks, and skin diseases. It has a positive effect on thymus gland and bronchial tube, so it is good for children to wear it. It increases joy, creativity, brings mental clarity, helps us stay original and independent, enhances leader qualities, gives inner strength and eliminates fears. Aventurine removes blockages and traumas we experienced in the early childhood. It is the stone of prosperity because it attracts money and wealth in every aspect of life. It has the greatest effect on the heart chakra.

Calcite – This stone brings back the faith in yourself, it helps you see good opportunities and seize them. It is the stone of intellect which brings you organizational abilities, better concentration and memory. It boosts your energy, removes depression, clears the mind and emotions, and frees you from negative thoughts. It attracts prosperity and positive aspects in your life; it is the stone of happiness. Yellow calcite has a positive effect on your health; it brings an enormous amount of energy and gives strength. It also has a good effect on the liver, kidneys, muscles, stomach, spine; it brings hormonal balance and encourages organism detoxification


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