Chakras – the Power of White Quartz bracelet

kn 120.00

This bracelet will introduce you to the powers of this beautiful white quartz which is also called the king of all crystals because of its exceptional characteristics. White crystal affects all 7 chakras, brings complete body and spirit’s balance, boosts energy, protects from negativities… Old Romans believed this crystal contains the power of gods.



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated gemstones: faceted rock crystal (6 and 14mm).

Quartz  – Quartz crystal healing is a method of healing that uses any one of the many varieties of quartz crystals that are currently available, to assist in healing the body. It has become so popular today that there are now many different types of quartz available to buy and use. Although quartz is common, many of the quartz properties are very impressive when it comes to using their healing energy.There is a wide assortment of quartz crystals. Quite a few of the most common crystals that you can buy today are made of quartz, and are healing crystals.


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