Pearls – a symbol of purity, sensuality, sincerity and love

The pearl is the queen of crystals …

They are the oldest known crystals that are always considered very valuable because of its magical properties and as such are the subject of admiration, a symbol of wealth and dignity.

According to one legend, pearls are tears of joy that cried by Aphrodite – the goddess of love, at the moment of her birth.

The pearl is the cornerstone of June, and is ideal for people born under the sign of Gemini and Cancer.

Pearls are amulets that bring us happiness in life. They are like a mirror that helps us to see clearly yourself, how others perceive us, but also to recognize the truth in life, the intentions of people who surround us, and protect us from false friendships. Even in the 13th century, hailed as cure mental illness and love sorrow. They give confidence, wisdom, inner peace and eliminate stress.

It Stimulates yin qualities in us, the female energy, the energy of the moon and Water element, thus increase our sensitivity, passion, balance emotions, beauty and help in search of rue love. Symbol of innocence, purity and love,it is recommended to be worn at your wedding to happily sail into marriage.

Pearls awake hidden beauty in us, femininity and strength like no other crystal. They give grace and elegance. it carry big glow and warmth, because of which are very respected and which are different from other crystals.


Because they contain about 90 percent of the calcium in it, they are very good for the development and health of bones and teeth. Regulate the operation of the adrenal glands leading our hormone in balance, a positive effect on the intestine, spleen, stomach, help regulate body weight and strengthen the immune system and the nervous system. Excellent work on the female reproductive system, fertility women, give youthfulness and favorably affect the softness and elasticity of the skin.

Never lend your pearl jewelry to someone because it is very sensitive and will quickly take energy from other people. Keep them for yourself …


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