Woman Strength bracelet

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Woman strength consists of her health, beauty, sexual energy, inner satisfaction and intuition. Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, moon stone and rhodonite awaken female energy and give strength in all fields



Composition: natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated precious stones: rose quartz (8mm and 6mm), rhodonite (6mm), moonstone (5mm), pink tourmaline (4mm).

Rose Quartz – It is a stone of love, gentleness, beauty and emotional stability; it is connected with the planet Venus. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, blood flow, heart, it eliminates tensions and fears. Women wore this stone from the ancient times on their jewellery and put it under their pillows to bring them beauty and youth.

Pink Tourmaline – This stone brings strength and self-esteem, it helps you understand yourself and others, and it minimizes fear and makes you look deep into yourself. It opens a way to your spirituality. It decreases sadness and anxiety, so the people who have lost their loved ones can wear this stone to help them deal with it. It is a powerful stone; it balances the right and the left brain hemisphere, gives mental energy, improves memory and transforms negative emotions into positive.

Rhodonite – It is the stone of beauty and grace, and some also call it the stone of salvation. This pink stone embroidered with black threads that are sometimes visible, sometimes less. The combination of these two colors represents the opposites, yin and yang principle; therefore, this stone is ideal for balancing these two principles.

Moonstone – It increases the female energy, heals female organs and helps skin to regenerate. This amazing stone is connected with the planet Neptune. It is ideal for women because it gives fertility, protects during the pregnancy, it eases menstrual pains, stimulates the pituitary gland, balances the hormonal system and decreases oscillations during the menopause. It has a great effect on women’s youthful look, beauty and femininity.


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