Power of Black Lava – Positive Emotions bracelet


This bracelet will help you to express emotions. Green jade effect on our heart center is here to help us express love, compassion, tenderness, and silver helps us to get a clearer picture of ourself. The combination of the various elements in this bracelet will bring out the harmony in relation to yourself and loved ones.



Composition: elastin, natural untreated gemstones: lava(8 mm), green jade (8 mm), beads of .925 silver.

Lava –  Lava is the stone of fertility; infertile women and women with low libido should wear it. It is good if you want to achieve success in your career. It gives physical and mental strength and helps eliminating toxins from the organism. It has the greatest effect on the first chakra.

Jade – It is a stone of faith, pureness and serenity. It is available in white, red and, most often, green colour. In the East it has been used for body strengthening for centuries. It is called the royal stone because it brings many benefits. To a person who is wearing it, it helps raising consciousness on a higher level. It protects from negative energies, brings harmony, calms the nervous system, and attracts friendship and happiness into life. It helps you express yourself emotionally and be what you really are.


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