My Angel Archangel Jofiel bracelet

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It is time for a change. From the current chaos and confusion, it is time to form an order in life. Stop for a moment, find time to relax, let go of stress. Then you will be connected with your truth, you will become more accessible for knowledge, inspiration, creativity.



Composition (a variant of the Rudraksha): natural, untreated grain Rudraksha (6-7mm), elastin, natural untreated gemstones: rodonit (6 mm), faceted lepidolite (6 and 8 mm).

Rhodonite – Pink color is connected with the heart center, black colour is connected with our root chakra, so it brings fiery, but grounding love to a person wearing it. In the East it was believed that it wakes the will to live, eases psychophysical traumas, reduces stress, eliminates anxiety, and increases self-confidence. Rhodonite helps you become a great seducer; it is the stone of planet Venus which is characterized by love and beauty. It purifies the heart, eliminates all bad emotions and emotional scars from the past. It strengthens our libido. It protects from negativities, it is good for children and adults who have a hot temper, and it is good for public figures because it helps you be noticed.

Lepidolite – It is called the stone of transition, it is very good because it lights our way and brings hope. It is considered to be the best crystal for love – for a partner, close ones, yourself, it helps us to accept others and ourselves the way we are. It eliminates stress and worries, depression, anxiety, fears, negative emotions, other people’s influences and decreases sorrow. It helps us learn from each negative situation, apply what we have learned from it and change it. This crystal gives us hope that everything is going to be all right at the end.

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Lava, Rudraksha


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